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Biden seems resigned to the damage the trial will do to his swift hopes of passing a Covid rescue plan

Five days into America’s restored political normality, the stark delivery of an article of impeachment against former President Donald Trump to the Senate was a flashback to the horror of the Capitol insurrection and the trauma of the last four years.


If wishes were iPhones: Don’t blame the small form factor

Let the Macalope just begin this week’s column by noting this is all his fault. If you were wondering what happens when you wish on a monkey’s paw for Apple to make a smaller phone again, the answer is the the company doesn’t make one, it makes two, but in the wrong order.

Just last week the horny one was marveling that we haven’t had any rumors of iPhone production cuts. Well, now we have one and it’s annoyingly specific.

“Another supply-chain report says iPhone 12 mini production cut”

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