Marvel’s Most Evil Organization Makes Thanos Seem Reasonable

There is a terrorist group in the Marvel Universe so vile they practically make Thanos look good! The organization in question is Advanced Genocide Mechanics (AGM), a splinter group from the evil scientific organization Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM). This splinter group first appeared in the opening issues of Matt Fraction and Salvador Larocca’s Iron Man run, complete with their own version of AIM’s MODOK.

Fraction and Larocca’s run started around the same time as the release of the first Iron Man movie in 2008. The film took a real world look at Iron Man, and the impact he might have on the world’s political stage. Fraction took his cues from this, and his take on the character dealt heavily not only with Iron Man’s influence on the world, but the influence of the villains he fought, too. While mainstays like Obadiah Stane and The Mandarin were front and center in the run, AIM was part of it as well. The organization has been a part of the Marvel Universe for many years, conducting cruel and unethical experiments in the name of science. The group even has an enforcer, the grotesque MODOK. But as bad as AIM has been, its splinter group has taken the organization’s originals goals a step further.

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AGM is a perfect example of what might happen with an organization like AIM in the real world—some members would take the tech and sell it to the highest bidder. Since much of the technology is specifically designed to hurt or kill people, the highest bidders tend to be genocidal leaders who wish to use the tech to consolidate their power—hence the genocidal name. AGM even has their own version of MODOK, called MODOG, or Mental Organism Designed Only for Genocide.

AGM, with their pursuit of profit in the name of genocide, makes Thanos look good. Thanos had a goal in mind with his genocide—to balance the universe and conserve resources. AGM just did it for money. AGM did it simply because they could. Unlike Thanos, however, AGM was easily beaten by Iron Man. While AGM was a solid concept, it has not made any appearances since.

A large number of terrorist and generally evil organizations exist within the Marvel Universe, and Advanced Idea Mechanics continues to be one of them. They conduct experiments with no regards for ethics or life, so seeing their technology perverted in the form of AGM even further is horrifying. What is even more terrifying is such groups could exist in the real world, given the right tech. And the group has the dubious distinction of making Thanos look good.

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